confidential information
has never
felt better

Doc.notch is the ultimate tool for the exchange of classified documents with external stakeholders

Safer than any cloud

Start preserving your data without relying on someone else’s business. Keep the content of your documents only to yourself.

Security goes offline

Permission settings work even in air-gapped environnements. 

This way illegitimate attempts are always aborted.

Avoid useless downloads

Recipients won’t need to install any additional software.
Doc.notch is top-notch user friendly.

Proactive monitoring system

As unauthorized third parties won’t be able to access your documents, you will receive alerts on each attempt.

Some typical scenarios

The stakeholder ecosystem is becoming more and more sophisticated, with an everchanging network of partners, law firms, consulting companies and former employees, who can eventually turn into suppliers or competitors.
Doc.notch addresses the need of sharing and yet protecting documents circulating outside the company infrastructure, matching univocally documents with users. 

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